Technical Consultancy 

Providing expertise to maximize your return on investment at any project stage with our specialist know-how of back end systems, we apply both breadth and depth of skills. 

System Performance

We can help with load and stress testing new and existing applications to help determine a system's load conditions, bottlenecks and maximum operating capacity.

Hosted Services

Our team of experts have managed large scale on premise to cloud migrations for Universities all over the world, with a strong background in monitoring, scaling, efficiency and performance optimisation.

System Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring solutions can detect issues and alert you of problems ahead of critical system failures. We have extensive experience in monitoring cloud based services and have an in depth understanding of student usage patterns throughout the academic year.

Analytics & BI

From building analytics & BI from scratch to developing bespoke APIs to import/export vital data patterns to an existing data warehouse, we can enable institutions to better understand and predict student learning  needs and success factors.

Database Tuning

As systems grow and develop, so does usage and user expectations. If you need help with efficiency or general database issues, we have expertise in SQL analysis, tuning & optimisation for both on premise and SaaS systems.

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